Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Will I Be Able to Safely Have Children?

Will your product keep you from passing the virus to others and will I be able to safely have children? Will I have to tell anyone that I have this at all if I use your system.
Need to Know

Dear Jay,
Be sure you go to
www.stopherpesnow.com and read the FAQ page. Especially read the last question and answer. Everyone you come in contact with has the right to know you have had herpes. If you start on my program you will be able to tell them how long it has been since you had an outbreak. The longer the better. As a man, you can safely have children. As a woman, it is possible to have a normal birth if she does not have an active infection at the time. If she is in an active outbreak at the time, that is when doctors recommend a Caesarian birth.

What my program is all about, hence the title, is Stop Herpes Now And From Coming Back For Good. I mean it. No more outbreaks! You need to be on my program and my antiviral formula if you want to stay free of herpes outbreaks. Trust me, this works. Do NOT simply rely on something topical. Just applying something topical is NOT enough. You need to know the foods not to eat, the herbs to take internally, and the supplements to take to keep herpes outbreaks from coming back.

My program has hope and promise for real.

David Hogg, ND


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