Monday, November 07, 2005

Is herpes safe with a condom?

A condom protects you from all sexually transmitted diseases, but only where you are wearing the condom. If someone has herpes in the groin area or other than in the vagina or on the penis, then it is possible to transmit the virus. So, you see it matters where someone might have the infections occurring. Every person may have them on a different area of skin. Therefore, it is important to discuss this prior to having intercourse. Remember, viral shedding can still occur even if someone does not have an active infection. This happens from skin cells shedding that contain the virus that become transmitted to the person that you contacted.

Remember, herpes also can be transmitted by kissing and oral sex. This is how oral herpes can become genital herpes. And, visa versa. It matters not whether the virus is simplex I or II.The best thing a person can do is to boost their immune system so that their immune system will begin to handle the virus on its own. What is the best way to do that you ask? Simple, follow my program, and you will be doing just that. My program recommends the combination of diet therapy, supplements, and herbal antivirals. You will need the antiviral herbs I recommend. They are the ones most proven to suppress viral replication. This means that the virus will no longer be multiplying itself inside your body. All these things are in the approach I use which is from naturopathic medicine. Remember, you receive a sample of my antiviral herbal formula with your purchase of the ebook.
In Health,
David Hogg, ND