Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Do Not Want To Suffer

I've never had any symptoms but I went for bloodwork and they said I had traces of simplex 2 in my blood I was wondering if there was a possibilty that they might be wrong. I dont want to suffer for the rest of my life.

It is not necessary you suffer the rest of your life even if you do have herpes. Not in my world. Since I released my book this past spring, I have so many people that are living free of herpes. They are living proof that my program and my herbal antiviral formula works. They said there are "traces?" Find out what that means exactly. Does it mean you have the antibodies to the virus or the actual virus? There are people who are exposed to viruses all the time that never become ill. Or, in the case of herpes, they never have a breakout. This not so rare. Those people are healthy people. People who have herpes and/or HPV definitely have a weaker immune system that is more susceptible to viral infections. It is important for them to boost their immune system so that their resistance to viruses becomes stronger and stronger. In the case of herpes, you need my ebook,, and my antiviral formula. You receive a free sample of my formula when you purchase the ebook. A really great deal. This way you receive the Stop Herpes Now program and receive an herbal formula that actually suppresses the virus from multiplying itself over and over. That alone stops the virus in its tracks. I know you be very satisfied by getting on this program. In your case, by following my program, you may never have an outbreak.
In Health,
David Hogg, ND


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