Saturday, November 19, 2005

My New Partner Now Has Herpes

Dear Dr. David,
I have recently been informed by my partner of only a few weeks that he has just been diagnosed with having genital herpes. I will be going to my g.p as soon as possible to get checked out. However i am wondering how likely it is that it has been passed onto me. I have no symptoms that i can tell. Could you also please tell me how long herpes can lie dormant in a male without him being aware that he has it?
Yours sincerly,
R. (England)

Dear R.,
It is very good you are getting yourself checked. The usual incubation period can range from 1-28 days. Most often transmission occurs with open eruptions, mostly. Transmission can occur with what is called viral shedding. Where skin cells that contain the virus are picked up by the person who comes in contact. As far as just how long it can really lie dormant? Who really knows? The first herpes outbreak will usually happen after a stressful event, and it can also occur following exposure. A person's immune system can have been keeping the virus in check until a stressful event occurs, then they suddenly discover they have herpes and have been carrying it for a time.

Please do not take what I am telling you and use it against what your new partner is saying. Every person's situation is different.

The best thing for yourself is to learn how to keep from contracting it for one, then two, learn how to treat it naturally. The likelyhood of your partner passing it on to you is slim IF it has been a while since he has had an outbreak. Viral shedding can still occur, but the chances are slim. So that you both stay healthy, the best thing the 2 of you can do is to get on my treatment program and stay on it. That will help you both stay healthy and herpes free.

In Health,
David Hogg, ND