Saturday, November 12, 2005

We Both Have Herpes. What Do We Do?

Dr. David,
Both me and my partner have genital herpes. Is it safe for us to have unprotected sex with each other or should we still use protection?

Dear Angel,

If you both have the same exact strain of genital herpes then it is safer than if you have different strains. Your doctor can test you both to find out the strains you both are carrying. The trouble comes when one of you has an outbreak and the other does not. Because, the one who does not can contract a new active infection even over night. If you are both healthy at the time, it is much safer. As you know, you can both become healthy by getting on my program
Stop Herpes Now. While you are both without any outbreaks, taking the herbs and supplements I recommend, and eating the way I have laid out, then I feel I can give you both a green light to have unprotected sex.

If you have different herpes strains, then you are both at risk of contracting the others strain and you should both treat your interactions as if one of you does not have herpes and so then should take the necessary precautions. You can end up giving each other another strain of the herpes virus. Then, you would both have a double infection. If you were not following my program or had a stressful event thereby causing you to have an outbreak, both strains would be causing you problems. Not Good. I do believe however, that the risk of any of the above happening greatly decreases while you are on my program. As I have said before, there is still a chance of passing the herpes virus to your partner while you are in remission, but the chance is small. I suggest you both stay on my program religiously.
Stop Herpes Now.

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In Health,
David Hogg, ND