Friday, December 02, 2005

Why doesn't my doctor prescribe these herbs?

This is a great question! I am glad you asked. The answer is simple. Herbal medicine is not something most doctors (MD) are interested in or educated. Medical doctors, also call allopaths, are only educated in pharmaceutical medicine. Therefore, they graduate only having learned what drugs to prescribe for which disease. Most medical schools have very little or no herbal medical education for doctors. Herbal medicine has been around for centuries. The success of herbal medicines threatens the hold that pharmaceutical companies have on medicine today. No one person or company can patent an herb. When herbal medicine becomes more widely accepted, the pharmaceutical companies will loose billions of dollars in future profits of drug sales. There are so many studies that show the effectiveness of the herbs I recommend for fighting herpes as well as other viruses. These herbs have been around well before since herbal medicine was even known as medicine. It has only been in the last 15-20 years that more and more studies have been performed to prove herbal medicine is as or more effective than pharmaceutical medicines. Pharmaceutical medications are synthetic. Herbal medicines are as natural as nature intended. Which do you prefer to put into your body? I choose natural. Every time!

Why don’t we see herbal medicine being advertised like over-the-counter and prescription medication?
The FDA approves or disapproves what is allowed by companies to claim in advertising for a product’s treatment of disease. It takes millions of dollars to put a drug or herb through this process of approval. The drug can be patented. The company’s drug has the potential for making millions or billions of dollars in profits for that company. This is why the pharmaceutical companies can afford to put a drug through that process. They are willing to invest the risk with the potential making billions of dollars. No one herbal company has the resources to put any one or all the herbs through the FDA process in order to have an herb be listed as treatment for a particular disease. Herbal companies cannot charge for the herbs the pharmaceutical companies can charge for pharmaceutical medications. What herbal companies can afford to do is conduct studies through independent naturopathic and acupuncture schools for the effectiveness of herbal medicines. Other medical schools are conducting studies also. Some studies come from Europe. The herbs are tested in double blind placebo controlled studies and outcome based studies. I list some of these studies in my references in my ebook, Stop Herpes Now And From Coming Back For Good.