Saturday, November 19, 2005

My New Partner Now Has Herpes

Dear Dr. David,
I have recently been informed by my partner of only a few weeks that he has just been diagnosed with having genital herpes. I will be going to my g.p as soon as possible to get checked out. However i am wondering how likely it is that it has been passed onto me. I have no symptoms that i can tell. Could you also please tell me how long herpes can lie dormant in a male without him being aware that he has it?
Yours sincerly,
R. (England)

Dear R.,
It is very good you are getting yourself checked. The usual incubation period can range from 1-28 days. Most often transmission occurs with open eruptions, mostly. Transmission can occur with what is called viral shedding. Where skin cells that contain the virus are picked up by the person who comes in contact. As far as just how long it can really lie dormant? Who really knows? The first herpes outbreak will usually happen after a stressful event, and it can also occur following exposure. A person's immune system can have been keeping the virus in check until a stressful event occurs, then they suddenly discover they have herpes and have been carrying it for a time.

Please do not take what I am telling you and use it against what your new partner is saying. Every person's situation is different.

The best thing for yourself is to learn how to keep from contracting it for one, then two, learn how to treat it naturally. The likelyhood of your partner passing it on to you is slim IF it has been a while since he has had an outbreak. Viral shedding can still occur, but the chances are slim. So that you both stay healthy, the best thing the 2 of you can do is to get on my treatment program and stay on it. That will help you both stay healthy and herpes free.

In Health,
David Hogg, ND

Saturday, November 12, 2005

We Both Have Herpes. What Do We Do?

Dr. David,
Both me and my partner have genital herpes. Is it safe for us to have unprotected sex with each other or should we still use protection?

Dear Angel,

If you both have the same exact strain of genital herpes then it is safer than if you have different strains. Your doctor can test you both to find out the strains you both are carrying. The trouble comes when one of you has an outbreak and the other does not. Because, the one who does not can contract a new active infection even over night. If you are both healthy at the time, it is much safer. As you know, you can both become healthy by getting on my program
Stop Herpes Now. While you are both without any outbreaks, taking the herbs and supplements I recommend, and eating the way I have laid out, then I feel I can give you both a green light to have unprotected sex.

If you have different herpes strains, then you are both at risk of contracting the others strain and you should both treat your interactions as if one of you does not have herpes and so then should take the necessary precautions. You can end up giving each other another strain of the herpes virus. Then, you would both have a double infection. If you were not following my program or had a stressful event thereby causing you to have an outbreak, both strains would be causing you problems. Not Good. I do believe however, that the risk of any of the above happening greatly decreases while you are on my program. As I have said before, there is still a chance of passing the herpes virus to your partner while you are in remission, but the chance is small. I suggest you both stay on my program religiously.
Stop Herpes Now.

To find female condoms and dental dams that can provide you with maximum protection, go to

In Health,
David Hogg, ND

Can I Still Kiss And Enjoy Relationships?

Dr David,
I would like to know if i kiss any one or smoke the same cigarette after anyone, can they get herpes? I just got herpes and I need to know things about it and I would like to know if you can tell me some things about it so I can be on the safe side. And, how will I be able to still have sex and be with another person? so if you please abon help me i would love to know. --L.

Dear L,
Yes, you can still do all the things in a relationship that anyone without herpes can do, however with some precautions. Herpes travels from moist skin to moist skin. So yes, it is possible if you are sharing cigarettes with someone, they could potentially become infected with the herpes virus. More so if you have an active infection than if you are currently in remission. If you are in remission, there is still a slim possibility that someone could still contract herpes from you, but much less likely. Having a blister is when you are most infectious. The virus will be active and waiting for you to kiss or have oral sex with someone to spread itself. Before kissing or sharing cigarettes, it is best to wait until you are in remission. If you have oral herpes, then the best prevention for the other person during oral sex is by using a dental dam. You can find dental dams at
Condomania. For those who have genital herpes, the best protection for intercourse is using female condoms. The give much safer and more protective coverage than condoms and can also be found at Condomania.

To reiterate myself and to state again. There is still a chance while you are in remission of passing the virus on to your partner without protection. It is a slim chance but still know there is a chance.

The best way to go into and stay in remission is by following my program. You will learn what foods trigger and feed the virus, what antiviral herbs and supplements suppress the virus and keep it from coming back for good.

L, the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your partners is to go now to and get my program. You and your partners will be glad you did. You will no longer have those anoying outbreaks that slow down your intimate love life. You will not get this from your MD. Natural medicine doctors like myself understand that treating herpes or any disease requires a holistic approach employing diet therapy, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements while avoiding the harmful side effects of prescription medication. Remember, you also receive a free sample of my antiherpes antiviral herbal formula. It contains all the herbs I recommend in my program to fight and suppress the herpes virus.

Blessings to you and be safe.

In Health,
David Hogg, ND

Monday, November 07, 2005

Got the flu? My antiviral formula also works for the flu virus!

Do you have or know anyone who has the flu? Do you wish to take something for flu prevention?

I am personally not a fan of the flu shot because of all the carrier ingredients it contains. You can read about the ingredients here; to read my November 2004 newsletter from my practice website. I believe you will find it very informative.

Whether or not you decide to receive a flu vaccine, you will still need some other flu protection. My antiviral formula also works great on the flu virus. It suppresses the virus from being able to replicate itself freely while your immune system is updating itself with new viral antibodies. That process usually takes about 7 days for your body to create its own antiviral antibodies. Go here to order now;

Is herpes safe with a condom?

A condom protects you from all sexually transmitted diseases, but only where you are wearing the condom. If someone has herpes in the groin area or other than in the vagina or on the penis, then it is possible to transmit the virus. So, you see it matters where someone might have the infections occurring. Every person may have them on a different area of skin. Therefore, it is important to discuss this prior to having intercourse. Remember, viral shedding can still occur even if someone does not have an active infection. This happens from skin cells shedding that contain the virus that become transmitted to the person that you contacted.

Remember, herpes also can be transmitted by kissing and oral sex. This is how oral herpes can become genital herpes. And, visa versa. It matters not whether the virus is simplex I or II.The best thing a person can do is to boost their immune system so that their immune system will begin to handle the virus on its own. What is the best way to do that you ask? Simple, follow my program, and you will be doing just that. My program recommends the combination of diet therapy, supplements, and herbal antivirals. You will need the antiviral herbs I recommend. They are the ones most proven to suppress viral replication. This means that the virus will no longer be multiplying itself inside your body. All these things are in the approach I use which is from naturopathic medicine. Remember, you receive a sample of my antiviral herbal formula with your purchase of the ebook.
In Health,
David Hogg, ND